MC 40- A 40 mL Lab Compounder for Material R&D

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MC 40- A 40 mL  Lab Compounder for Material R&D

The Xplore MC 40 is the largest version of the Xplore’s micro compounder. It gives you even more value for money than before: excellent mixing, a larger batch size, the same long-life time (> 10 y) by the extremely robust design (motor drive, housing, barrel and screws), higher long term reproducibility, higher yield, larger sample possibilities with in-line injection moulding, film, or (multi) filament extrusion.

  • 30 to 40 ml batch size, depending on the screw geometry
  • rpm range (1-500), higher shear rates hence excellent dispersion, easier to scale up
  • Screw torque (40 Nm) within the 1-500 rpm range, more stable extrusion rate
  • Longer residence time in continuous mode compounding
  • Excellent control over throughput, improved dimensional stability of spun filaments and casted films
  • Strong accurate 24 bits motor drive, so mixing of higher viscous compounds now possible
  • Maximum operating temperature 425 ºC